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Say hello to our very first compilation.

Please, come in: an album that features best of international alternative music from México to Japan, compiled just for you.
Electropop, Chillwave, Indie Pop, Electro Rock and a wide variety of top music styles from around the world for your pleasure.

We're heading up the new Mainstream cult, fuckers.
So we're here to make the most of it.

Enjoy the music and spread the word.
Support new artists!


SWUN (Italy) |
Flamingods (UK) |
Elandh (Chile) |
I Can Chase Dragons (México) |
2pasos (Chile) |
Me and my Monkey (Georgia) |
Blackpony (México) |
Harmless (USA) |
Uvilov (México) |
Fo0d (Japan) |
POulbO (France) |
PARDO (México) |
Ghostcatcher (México) |
Little Ethiopia (México) |
JOSOX (México) |


released November 19, 2012

2012 design by: Julio Vázquez |
2012 photo by:

2016 design by: Héctor Ortiz |
2016 photo by: Giancarlo Robelo |

℗ 2012 MYRDAL | Young Offenders
© 2012 MYRDAL All rights reserved
Torreón, México

Every single song belongs to their respective owners.
Non profit motive.

© Photography is property of Giancarlo Robelo.
We don't own any rights.



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MYRDAL Torreon, Mexico

Supremo Consejo del Mainstream.

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Track Name: Flamingods - Quesso
Sand sinking down my feet.
Sun blazing down the heat.

I never want to be tied down.
Sun give me some direction for my life.
Track Name: Alexico - Arañas
Tu sentido de estética está perdido,
báñate en gasolina y cerillos.
Las serpientes se ríen de lo mismo,
tu semblante empieza a verse jodido.

Morras afuera con cigarrillo
en fiestas perdiendo estilo.
Una hoguera para tus hijos,
tu semilla debe acabarse contigo.

Crees tener muchos amigos
pero son trolls comiendo rivos.
Todos deben hacer lo mismo,
quemarnos, morirnos, entregarnos al mas allá.

Porque si
la sombra es para todos,
sé que vendrá por ti
ya vendrá a buscarte
tendrás que ocultarte
y ese es el modo que vivirás
con miedo.

Todo el tiempo reacciono mal
no me puedo ni controlar
sé que te hago sentir muy mal.

Empiezas a hablar de más
un proceso muy natural
en una vida mas similar
me hubiera importado más.
Track Name: Blackpony - Vintage Dress
Tenemos ya un tiempo aquí.
No hay nada más que decir.
Vamos, ¿qué va a pasar?
No hay nada más que fingir.

Yo nunca dejé de sentir.
Paso a paso, esto es para los dos.
Yo nunca dejé de sentir.
Y sin tu esencia no voy, esto es para los dos.

Paso a paso es mejor (x5)
Yo nunca dejé de sentir.
Y sin tu esencia no voy, esto es para los dos.
Yo nunca dejé de sentir.
Track Name: Harmless - If you could
Hey don't quit
let me go
lay me down, hold me down

it's my love
it's your love

would you say that if I had stayed you'd even try
to lay me down

had I said that I shouldn't beg,
I'd probably lie,
and yet you tried

it's my love
it's your fun

would you say that if I could taste
your morning dew
i'd lay you down

had I said that I shouldn't beg
I'd probably lie
and yet you tried

It's your (my) love
Track Name: Fo0d - Amusement
Bad song.. 怪しいsong

ba dha tu ki dan , ah, simulation..

You say "No!" ah 想定外 news


Bad song.. 人生の holographic な simulation..

ba dha tu ki dan , ah simulation..

You say "Cool!" ah 想定内 news


夜更かして目を閉じていたら 魂がsleep..


seventeen のように






でもどこかにあるはずだ 見つかるさ

I think many think many , 知らない

Boy 隣り 不思議な Re:song を

I 特に心配性で手にしたんだっけ?

Boy となり 居るかもしれない

Boy 隣り 不思議な Re:song を

I 相当に chillwave 知らない..

Track Name: PARDO - Dan K
When we were kids we used to play,
when we were kids we used to love.
Like nothing was dangerous.

When we were kids we used...
Like nothing was dangerous.
Track Name: JOSOX - Y0rg0r0th
Now just start again, to my failure, the star is open.
Get now. You describe the place, I want to be
To were another.

And I don't want so, Vegas baby for lesions
in a blanket and I'll grow graceful.
Guess why, was all okay, I spoke.